Care Packages that Cultivate Client Relationship Building

At Axxel Marketing, we are highly committed to providing the best service possible with a wide range of corporate gifts. While we focus on providing on creative and reliable solutions for brands and firms in terms of corporate and premium gifts so that both clients and consumers would go back feeling appreciated, cared and supported for and as we cater to many different events and occasions such as corporate events, meetings, annual dinners, advertising campaigns, and many more to suit on your brand or firm’s needs, and with a wide range of gift products we could offer on, corporate brands and firms do not have to worry about being unable to find a suitable and ideal gift for their client and consumer.  

In light of the recent healthcare situation occurring in Singapore during this period of unprecedented times, we, at Axxel Marketing could truly empathize and understand that there are many brands and firms who are currently undergoing challenging and difficult situations and amidst the current healthcare situation, we are well aware that many brands and firms might be working tirelessly round the clock regardless of what industry and field we all might be working as a corporate brand and firm. 

Amid the current healthcare situation, our team at Axxel Marketing had delicately and specially designed, created and prepared with care, concern and with utmost importance on gift products such as Care Packages for firms and individuals from all walks of life, who might have any concern or thoughts in mind, regardless of whether brands, firms or individuals would like to prepare a Care Package for any purpose, we will strive our best and hardest in providing the most suited and ideal gift product for you and the people around you whom you care, love and support the most.  

With careful and due considerations and discussions made amongst our dearest colleagues and team members, we have all came up with kind considerations and thoughts of how the benefits and importance of Care Packages could potentially provide to you, our beloved client and partner.  

For instance, Care Packages could be created and prepared as a form of support and reassurance to your clients and consumers in hopes of conveying our well-wishes and to let them be reminded that in times of difficulties and hardships, our partnerships, relations and support with and for them would remain as strong as ever and good thoughts from the sender to the intended recipient could be carefully brought across too. 

Also, our Axxel team strongly believes that a little care and support goes a long way for our community. By expressing our concern and support through Care Packages for our essential service front liners, whom have been working tirelessly for our community during this adverse period of time in various sectors such as Health and Social Services, Food, Energy, Water, Waste, Environmental, Transportation and Storage, Information and Communications, Defence and Security, Construction, Facilities Management and Critical Public Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Distribution, Banking and Finance, Legal Services and Others, we truly believe sending Care Packages to all essential frontline staffs would be a small gesture we could do to potentially support and safeguard their health and well-being.  

In addition, if your firm is categorized within the above stated service sectors, you could consider providing these essential personal healthcare products to your fellow colleagues and employees with hopes of providing encouragements and motivations to them for their efforts and contributions through this period of trials and tribulations.  

Additionally, in recent months, Care Packages are primarily selected by various brands and firms in hopes to convey their well-wishes to their dearest customers whom might have been long-term regulars to their brand and/or firm’s products and services over the years and many brands and firms could thus take this meaningful opportunity to truly express their heartfelt appreciation and thankfulness to their customers for their patronage all these times. We truly hope our Care Packages could carefully and effectively send out on your brand and firm’s kind thoughts and well-wishes to those whom you truly care and would like to support on by ensuring your Care Packages’ orders are sent out efficiently in a timely manner.  

Our Care Packages have been delicately and specially designed, created and prepared for all of our beloved clients and consumers. We have categorized our Care Packages into CARE PACK 19 SET A, CARE PACK 19 SET B and CARE PACK 19 SET C, in hopes to cater to each brand and firm’s different needs.  

Axxel Marketing’s Care Package Sets have been carefully sourced, created and prepared with relation to items consisting of pandemic essentials for our beloved and dearest clients and consumers. We have thus prepared and included on new product offerings with items such as Hand Sanitizers, Disposable and Reusable Fabric Face Masks, Disinfectant Sprays for Fabric Mask Usage, Thermometers and many more.  

Based on your brand or firm’s needs and preferences, each Care Package Set have been packed with many various product items which could potentially suit you and your brand and firm.   

With our Care Package Sets consisting of a different range of essential personal healthcare products and price range to fulfill your needs through mutual considerations in aspects such as affordability, efficiency and more, you could be rest assured to be able to discover your most ideal and suited corporate gift with us in times of difficulty and hardship.   

If you are interested to find out more on Axxel Marketing’s Care Package Set, please kindly visit and check up on our product offerings listed below. Thank You.  

And lastly, we would like to express our kind appreciation and gratitude to our clients and consumers for being alongside with us during this unprecedented time, please take care and stay safe!