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Axxel Marketing is a leading corporate gifts supplier that spans a regional presence with over 2,500 clients and more than 100 employees.

Axxel Marketing has in place a total operation space of 65,000 square feet, and we hold a large corporate gift inventory with about 1,000 items that are readily available.

We have consistently been registering rapid growth over the years, and we owe this to the support from our clients from various industries and countries.

Driven by passion and commitment to serve from the heart, we believe in going the extra mile to provide a professional service alongside our quality gift products. In the pursuit of creating this experience, we have dedicated ourselves to enhancing Axxel Marketing’s value-added services.


Why Choose Axxel?

With over 100 employees out to serve you regionally, your needs will be taken care of.
Axxel Marketing Pte Ltd is all about serving the customer’s needs.


Axxel Marketing at Singapore Gifts & Premiums Fair

With a long history of 20 years, we have been providing businesses with promotional premiums and gifting solutions that bolster their marketing campaigns. As a leading company in the corporate gifts industry, we make sure that we consult with you and keep you informed in every step of the way. Building long-lasting relationships with our clients is important to us because we take the time to find out what you want, and fulfil your specifications and requirements, up to your utmost satisfaction.

A one-stop global solution, with 10 printing methods to give you a variety of options.
On a global scale, we are named official partners of the International Partnership for Premiums and Gifts (IPPAG). As the only representative for Singapore & Malaysia in the organisation, our role as a regional leader propels us to work towards excellence in quality of products and efficiency in collaboration with regional and international businesses everywhere.

Starting with sourcing all the way to delivery, our team of capable individuals are committed to project fulfilment. To start, our eloquent sales team will be able to translate what you want into what we can do for you. Our in-house design team will then create innovative designs to your liking, while still ensuring brand consistency.

With our range of printing options, we give you flexible price points and quality that delivers a variety of design options. Our warehouse setup and team allows for storage and inventory control options for our customers as we also adopt the best practices for logistical management, catering for storage, distribution and delivery purposes.

We are always innovating our supply chain services to serve our customers locally and regionally, bringing them global quality at their doorstep.

With 10,000 orders served annually and a quick turn-around time, you know quality is never optional with us.
We believe that in every business, quality is king. Our representatives make sure that products we source for globally are the finest of the lot and goes through an extensive quality control. Our short turn-around time is owed to our automated and lean processes, which we are constantly evolving so that we may always improve our delivery time and our capabilities.

We have a 3-day fulfilment promise wherein upon confirmation of your in-stock order, we will process your orders within those 3 working days*. Our strong continuous workflow is a proven process that has enabled us to successfully deliver the best to our clients, including detailed order management to ensure complete satisfaction.

*Terms & Conditions apply

More than 2000 SKUs in our range means there’s always something for you.
Our in-house decoration capabilities ensure quality print and customer brand consistency. Our capabilities allow for mass personalization of gifts that save you plenty of time.

We match our decorative services to your purposes and needs, in the most economical way possible, ensuring that everything fits within your budget.


Mission and Vision

To be THE gift company of choice for our customers by delivering value and creating satisfaction, through continuous development of our people and investment in technology.

To be the best and the largest global gift company.


Our Core Values

Excellence – We are Continuously learning, Passionate, Proactive and we take Ownership in all we do

Customer-Oriented – Customers are the focus of everything we do

Innovative – We create disruptive & innovative transformation

Teamwork – We work as a Mutual Learning, Open, Collaborative and Respectful Team

Ethics – Integrity is never compromised

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