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Reasons to consider corporate gifts giving

Corporate gifts have become a very popular and effective practice for companies to remain competitive.

Corporate girfts

  Today’s intense competition in the market puts corporate gifts in a more important position. Why should your company consider corporate gifts giving now? Here are some reasons you should know.

Mostly, corporate gifts and marketing premiums will be imprinted with your company’s logo or name. The Mintel report1 suggests that a company’s logo is the key part of its corporate identity. Just think about the logo of Apple and Nike etc., the logo will easily remind you what the company is and its services. By choosing practical corporate gifts, the well-marked logo ensures the company remains at the top of the recipient’s mind with every use. According to data from PPAI Research2, 9 in 10 people recall the branding, which includes the name and the logo of the company.

Comparing to other marketing tools, corporate gifts provide a more tangible advertisement at close range. According to the book <Do’s and Taboos Around The World>3,written by Roger E. Axtell, verbal communication is easily forgotten by people over time, but gifts with your colmpany logo or name remind them about your organisation more often, which may increase the possibility that they choose you for business in the future. Business gifts reinforce branding just like other advertising channels do, however, they are able to directly affect recipients’ daily lives and maximize reach as well.

In the present time of information explosion, there are various ways of obtaining information. Unlike other advertising tools, such as online or printed materials, corporate gifts are able to make customers feel more than appreciated. The shortfall of intimacy between client and company is reduced. PPAI’s research2 shows that 82% people have a more favourable impression of the brand as a result of receiving a promotional product. This kind of favourable impression is key to creating a good reputation and build goodwill.

Another use of corporate gifts is for your own employees. Employees are your first customers.  Show your appreciation of their hard work, with something special. It means little if you give five dollars in cash bonuses, however, the same amount of money can offer you the option of gifting your employees with something pratical and can bring different meaning and value. These gifts can cost very little but yet extremely effective on the value to your employees. Moreover, with the various cultures across the industries, there are multiple options and possibilities in the type and percieved values of these available gift possibilities.

Corporate gifts are a cost-effective and increasingly important marketing tool for companies to gain leverage in such a fiercely competitive environment. With the multitude of options available, no organisation should be left behind.




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Published on 22 June 2017

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