The Ultimate Promotional
Merchandising Solution

Centro is a centralised solution that makes it easy to create effective promotional merchandising campaigns across multiple regions.

We offer all the products and supporting services you need through one point of contact so planning, managing and measuring your promotional strategy is simple.

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Create The Perfect Gift On Time & Within Budget

You want a bespoke gift that matches your brand and communicates its purpose across all operating regions. You have a product and design in mind, but you need space for storage and the means for delivery. You outsource the jobs and end up juggling multiple intermediaries to fill the gaps in the process. However, your resources and time are not optimised, and you end up with subpar gifts.

“Centro eliminates your coordination scuffles. We create the perfect gift for you along with all supporting services required in-house through a single point of contact.”

The Perfect Product

At Centro, we invest our efforts into understanding your objective and outcome, so we can create the perfect purpose-driven gift for you

We equip you with 2,000 SKUs, including Premium Products, Licensed Products and even the means to Create a Completely New Product. We'll bring you the ideal product for every occasion so you can give your consumers what they want.

Integrated &
Reliable Service

Create your ideal gift with our dedicated Accounts Servicing Manager, your Single Point Of Contact Allocated Especially To You.

Optimise our 6-Part Services and meet your campaign objectives with your account manager who works with you at every step of the way. You can give all directions & receive all information through this reliable single point of contact.

Centro's 6-Part Services Are Centered On Alleviating Your Pain Points


Pain Point Running out of creative juices for your next gift

Benefit Represent your brand consistently and uniquely with our dedicated creative team who can design an original gift or decorate our in-stock products.


Pain Point Saw a product you love somewhere but cannot find it

Benefit Save your hours and resources and let our 6 regional offices and 10 global networks source and procure them for you at the best price.


Pain Point No physical space to store corporate gifts

Benefit Be assured of safe and accessible storage to manage your inventory. When you are ready to ship, just inform us when and where - our fulfilment team will get them there.


Pain Point You want Marvel-themed products but cannot get the licensing.

Benefit Improve brand visilbilty with our brand licensing team. We are the licensee for some of the most elite brands, including Disney, Marvel, Sanrio etc.


Pain Point Missing campaign deadlines due to production delays

Benefit Optimise every minute and cent with priority access to our 12 in-house printing technologies. We guarantee you the optimal and cost-effective options without delay or defect.


Pain Point Unable to manage your promotional merchandise 24/7

Benefit Manage specific regional requirements through a single digital platform. Track campaign costs through actionable data and ensure brand consistency all under one roof.

An Improved Brand Experience For Your Customers,

Fewer Headaches For Your Team

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