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5 Benefits of a Corporate Gifting Platform

Author: Dheivee
Date: 18 Mar 2021

Beyond ease of use and ROI, there are five elements of a corporate gifting platform which make it the ideal solution for companies that want to create a lasting impact on their prospects.

What is a Corporate Gifting Platform

Author: Dheivee
Date: 15 Feb 2021

Have you ever manually sent out a corporate gift? If you have, you will know how much of a hassle it is, from man hours consumed to how mentally exhausting it can be. The fact is: the frustrations and time-consumption of manual sending can reduce your ROI and affect your teams.

Top 5 Pitfalls In Corporate Gifting And How To Avoid Them

Author: Dheivee
Date: 28 Jan 2021

These top pitfalls are preventing companies from executing an effective gifting strategy. Do not fall into the pitfall of an ineffective campaign which did not meet its goals, or an inefficient one which did not optimise time and budget. We are highlighting the top 5 and providing our professional tips to avoid and overcome them.


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