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Global Foundries (GF) is the world's leading specialty foundry. They deliver differentiated feature-rich solutions that enable their clients to develop innovative products for high-growth market segments.

With corporate offices housed in Silicon Valley and 5 Manufacturing Centre locations, including one in Singapore, GF services many of the world's largest semiconductor companies.

As part of its Corporate Responsibility, GF has an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Policy, which also reflects their commitment to EHS excellence. They implement consistent and rigorous EHS policies, standards, management systems, metrics, external reporting, and compliance assurance, all designed to optimise environmental protection, protect employee safety, health and well-being, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Global Foundries's Employee Care Kit

Build employees' confidence in you with proven methods

GF wanted to create a care kit for its employees that would be useful and appropriate to strengthen the bond between them and the company, especially during the pandemic time. On top creating a care kit with products which GF employees would need, Centro were able to value add our service to them as follows:

Provided doorstep delivery to 1000+ locations within Singapore
While industry norm is to provide corporate gifts to the head office, Centro is flexible and reactive to the current WFH situation. We understand employees may not always be in the office & sending the care kits to each employee will just be a hassle for our client. Thus, we simply take away that task from our client's hand & instead, provide delivery to thousands of stops within Singapore.

Leveraged on our global logistics network to expedite the procurement of 5000 units of care kits for this urgent order
While companies usually work with a single manufacturer, our skilled account managers are able to juggle multiple manufacturers to shorten our lead time and procure these 5000 units in no time at all.

Completed packing of care kits within 2 days
Centro has the bandwidth to accelerate processes to meet tight & urgent deadlines, as we understand our client's priorities & needs.

Global Foundries was elated with our products and services. Most importantly, the employees truly appreciated their management's generous gesture towards them, and they went to the extent of doing up a thank you card to express their gratitude. “Thank you, GF! We are one GF Together” – GF staff in heartfelt response to the care kits received.Centro is content to have enabled GF to meet its objective of strengthening the bond between the management and their employees.


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