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5 Benefits of a Corporate Gifting Platform

Author: Dheivee | Date: 18 Mar 2021

Beyond ease of use and ROI, there are five elements of a corporate gifting platform which make it the ideal solution for companies that want to create a lasting impact on their prospects.

1. Automation

Automation is the ability to choose, customise, pack, ship, and track your gifts with almost no manual work. The best sending platforms allow users to create a campaign that runs from start to finish with the least amount of input. This could one, be a simple, triggered sending campaign, where an end-user action prompts the automation software to send a specific item (for instance, an eGift coffee card). It could also be a fully personalised send, where you select a gift based on the recipients’ preferences in mind, then automate the delivery and response tracking. These campaigns are made possible through CRM integration that removes the manual processes, including time-intensive elements such as shipping and tracking.

2. Scalability

Every company, from SMEs to MNCs, can leverage on the power of sending through corporate gifting companies. Furthermore, with the powerful data and CRM integrations mentioned above, these campaigns can 1. focus on a select few high-value recipients, 2. a larger campaign of tiered customers or prospects, or 3. even fully-automated, triggered sends to every prospect that enters a certain stage of your pipeline. This scalability enables teams to genuinely connect, even when interacting with many recipients.

3. Personalisation / Customer Experience

The key to making an impact with a corporate gift is to make the recipient feel the gift was given with their specific needs and preferences in mind. Such gifts create stronger connections than a non-personalised gift. Using data available in your CRM or with the help of preferences expressed on social media, the recipient can enjoy a gift sent “just for them,”. The options are limitless: personalised, practical gifts like drink tumblers, toys and treats for pets, “milestone” items such as baby or housewarming gifts, edible treats, and even experience gifts such as airfare, concert tickets, and more.

4. Buyer’s Journey

The best gift in the world is only effective if you can see and measure its impact on the recipient. With automation, you can be sure gifts reach the intended recipients, track their response, and understand the outcome it had on their buying decisions. These gift reports can help parse data, understanding better what factors motivated action and moved the needle. Thus helping to improve future campaigns and creating better opportunities to connect with your audience and close deals.

5. Budget Control

Budgeting is one of the most challenging parts of the sending process, as many components go into the cost of a campaign. With the power to send any item, pre-selected budget parameters can ensure your campaign keeps the bottom line and ROI at the forefront. The ability to set granular budget parameters empowers your senders with the freedom of choice, without concerns about overshooting the mark.


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