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Levi Strauss & Co. is an American clothing company known worldwide for inventing the blue jeans in 1873. Right from the start, Levi's® was pioneering labour and environmental guidelines in manufacturing. They work to build in sustainability into everything they do. Levi's® tackled societal issues, such as racial segregations, worker protection, and many more. Levi's® took a stand when it mattered and not just when it was popular. On the environmental side, Levi's® focuses on making better choices like sourcing more sustainable materials and finding ways to use less water.

Levi's Promotional Fleece Pouch

Centro helps to meet campaign goals faster and better

Levi's came to us with a clear idea. Our task was to actualise it. The project was to procure, design and deliver 5400 fluffy pouches to Levi's Korea for their Gift with Purchase promotion. Centro was able to value add our service to Levi's in the following aspects:

Enhanced design of pouch
Levi's wanted their classic red Levi's tag on the side of the pouch. While that helps the pouch retain the original quality of the brand – we felt we can take it one step further. We counter proposed embroidering a more prominent fleece Levi's logo at the bottom right of the pouch. This resulted in a visually more aesthetic pouch which proudly carried the Levi's name without compromising the classic quality of the brand.

Door to door delivery to Korea
While the industry norm is to deliver to client's destination ports, Centro coordinates air and shipping delivery right to clients' offices/warehouse for the most hassle-free experience, always ensuring we are on time and within budget.

Levi's® was pleased with the aesthetic Fleece Pouch we came up with and our reliable services. Centro is proud to have enabled the success of the Levi's campaign, which was backed in terms of sales and revenue.  


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